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Welcome to Air Cleaning Solutions, your Air Quality Solutions & Services provider for Industrial & Commercial facilities. We specialize in Dust Collection, Air Cleaning & Filtration, Industrial Ventilation Systems and Vacuum Cleaning Systems.

Air Cleaning Solutions Texas services customers in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, The Golden Triangle (Beaumont/Orange/Port Arthur), Corpus Christi, & the Rio Grande Valley, with a full range of products and services for your Air Quality System needs.

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  • dust collection

    We offer many types of Dust Collection equipment for a variety of Industrial Processes, including Cartridge Collectors, Baghouse Systems, Cyclones and other Media Collection Units.

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  • air cleaning

    Air Cleaning systems for Mist/Fume include ESP (Electrostatic Precipitators) as well as Media Filtration units. ESP units such as Smog-Hog and MistBuster are high in efficiency, effectiveness and long-term cost savings for the collection of oil smoke and coolant mist.

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  • industrial ventilation

    Air Cleaning Solutions provides Industrial Ventilation and General Ventilation including ductwork, installation, Project Management Services and other Construction-related Services.

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  • vacuum Systems

    We Represent VAC-U-MAX, a premier manufacturer of Industrial Vacuum Cleaning systems for production lines and other dust-intensive areas. With a VAC-U-MAX heavy-duty vacuum cleaning system on site, both your capital equipment and your employees will be safer and cleaner.

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  • replacement filters

    We offer a complete line of high-performance replacement filters for every major brand of Dust Collection & Vacuum Cleaning equipment; available in a wide range of media blends and sizes. Contact us for a free consultation on which filter is best for you. High-Efficiency Nanofiber filters up to MERV 15 rating and Economy Blend Filters. At Air Cleaning Solutions, we specialize in Dust Collection, Vacuum Cleaning and Industrial Ventilation Systems. From new systems to parts and maintenance, Air Cleaning Solutions offers a full range of products and services for your air quality needs.

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