The MistBuster series of mist collectors and eliminators

The significant advantages that make it a superior air cleaner, including:

•High Efficiency.
MistBuster® remove the mist and smoke generated from water soluble, synthetic and petroleum based metalworking fluids that other oil mist eliminators miss. (Centrifugal units do not remove any smoke!)
•Economical operation.
No throwaway air filters that reduce airflow as they clog up (most models). MistBuster’s low energy consumption is due to superior multi stage air cleaning technology that has low resistance to airflow.
•Variable speed controller
allows for precise control of the airflow. Why draw excessive mist laden air out of the machine tool enclosure? The MistBuster® is the best machine mount mist collector currently available in the market place that allows you to control the negative pressure within the machine tool enclosure. This feature saves energy, reduces maintenance, lowers sound levels and increases efficiency.
•Premium Blower.
The MistBuster® series of compact air cleaners features a very high quality dynamically balanced motorized impeller. This impeller is more compact and energy efficient than conventional direct drive motors & blowers that are used in other systems and is dynamically balanced for smooth operation. This means no vibration is translated to your machine tool improving production quality and consistency.