Cartridge Collectors

ACS Cartridge collector

The ATV Series utilizes a patented downflow/vertical design to ensure consistent filtration and efficient dust handling. Many competitors’ products operate with a high level of re-entrainment, which means that energy and filter life are wasted by repeated collecting of the same dust.With a 99.7% efficiency rating for submicron (0.5) particulate, extra-large circular filters are vertically oriented for uniform dust loading and efficient cleaning. Contaminated air is drawn through high-efficiency cartridge filters, where the particulate is collected on the outside of the media. Filtered air is pulled down through the system and exhausted. Standard units feature Venturi reverse pulse cleaning systems to extend filter life and decrease costs. The ATV Series is designed with a full range of capacities for a vast array of applications. From the ATV-2S with 2 cartridges to the ATV-128 with 128 cartridges, every ATV Dust Collector has the media capacity and optimal filtering velocity for every type of contaminant and process.

Powerful Cleaning
The patented Venturi assisted design optimizes reverse jet pulse cleaning and increases filter life. With three available methods to initiate the filter cleaning cycle, every ATV Dust Collector is equipped with the control system that best fits the application.

Improved Fan Operation
Venturi and innovative cylindrical fan housing increases performance, attenuates noise, simplifies maintenance and eliminates the need for a discharge damper.

Ease Of Maintenance
Outstanding design features combine to promote longer filter life. Easy access allows each filter to be changed within several minutes.

Space Economy
The downflow/vertical design has a smaller footprint than comparable units with horizontal filters.

Rock-Solid Industrial Construction
ATV Dust Collectors are built for durability and reliability with 11 gauge steel fabrication and welded seams and joints.

How ATV Series Dust Collectors Operate

Contaminated air enters the collector above the filter cartridges. Specially designed components in the cabinet uniformly distribute the contaminated air across the top of the filters. The contaminated air flows downward at a steady velocity. Dust is conveyed to the settling area below the filters by both air flow and gravity. Extremely small particulate is collected on the filter media, allowing clean air to return to the workplace or outside environment. Once particulate collection on the filters is sufficient to reduce air flow, the patented reverse jet pulse cleaning system propels the collected dust off of the filters and into the settling area.

The ATV Series downflow/verticle design produces zero velocity at the base of each filter stack, allowing the dust to settle uninhibited below the cartridges, thereby eliminating re-entrainment.

Cartridge Filters
The standard 80% cellulose 20% polyester cartridge media is high in resin content to provide mechanical resilience, and has pleat-lock construction. Standard cartridges are rated for temperature up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperature cartridges are also available.

Dust Settling
The ATV Series design allows larger dust contaminates to have a clear path to the dust settling area and finer particles to be collected by the filters.

Venturi reverse pulse cleaning is the quick release of pressure through a blowtube into a venturi enductor tube into a cartridge filter. A higher volume of air is induced via this principle. The resulting burst of compressed air is more equally dispersed across the filter resulting in greater cleaning effectiveness compared to typical reverse pulse cleaning.

Pulse Jets
Pulse jet performance and economy are maximized by Optimizing the orifice size and position. There are four methods of initiating jet pulse cleaning to best fit each application.

Cylindrical Fan Housing
The motor, fan and inlet cone are packaged into a tubular centrifugal fan arrangement for greater performance, quieter operation and simplified maintenance.

Dust Collection Efficiency
The major obstacle to dust collection efficiency is re-entrainment, the refiltering of dust that has been stirred up prior to settling. The goal is to dislodge the dust from the filter and allow it to settle in the hopper below.

The ATV Series utilizes patented downflow/verticle technology to minimize re-entrainment and extend filter life. Carefully managed inlet air velocity ensures that the air only flows downward, never upward or sideways. This prevents air movement below the filters where the dust has settled and results in effective cleaning while the dust collector is operating and shut down.