Smog-Hog PSH Mist Collector

ACS sMOG hOG  psh

Central System Mist Collector

Centralized Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitators are used to control hazardous emissions which pose a threat to the environment and your business. Available with a unicell or separate ionizer and collection cell configuration, these systems provide customizable engineered solutions for tough emissions from asphalts, industrial cooking, plasticizers, textiles, rubber and other processes.

Smog-Hog PSH Mist Collector

The Smog-Hog PSH offers the highest efficiency levels in emission collection, with the ability to handle airflow applications ranging from 750 CFM to 40,000 CFM. Each system uses two stage ESP technology, which combines an ionizer and a collection cell. The ionizer charges contaminants and the collection cell section removes them from the air. Submicron particles are removed from the air stream via an electronic field. The result is cleaner air and the elimination of costly compliance problems.

Common applications include:
◾Manufacturing processes – oily weld fume, furnaces, laser etching and cutting, metal sintering, oil mist or smoke from cnc machining,
 soldering, wax vapors, wire drawing
◾Asphalts – coatings, hot mix plants and saturators
◾Industrial cooking – coffee and peanut roasters, hot oil fryers, smokehouses
◾Plasticizers – blown film, calandaring, curing oven, coatings, extrusion, nylon, plastics, polyethylene, polystyrene, texturizing, vinyl
◾Textiles – tenter frame ovens, yarn coating and extrusion
◾Rubber – buffing, curing, grinding, recycling