Replacement Filters


protura-filteruas-filtersWe offer a complete line of high-performance replacement filters for every major brand of Dust Collection & Vacuum Cleaning equipment; available in a wide range of media blends and sizes.

High-Efficiency Nanofiber filters up to MERV 15 rating and Economy Blend Filters are available for every Dust Collector brand.

At Air Cleaning Solutions, we specialize in Dust Collection, Vacuum Cleaning and Industrial Ventilation Systems. From new systems to parts and maintenance, Air Cleaning Solutions offers a full range of products and services for your air quality needs; we also offer Consulting & Design services, including System Troubleshooting.

Filters are one of the most critical components of any air-cleaning system. Reduce maintenance costs and prolong the life of your equipment with quality replacement filters from Air Cleaning Solutions.

UASovalfilterAir Cleaning Solutions is proud to feature Nanofiber filtration technology. These replacement cartridges, rated at up to MERV 15, employ Nanofiber technology which incorporates the finest synthetic Nanofibers used in any current filtration product. These fibers are about 50% finer than those in traditional filters, yet are more durable, with better moisture and temperature resistance and stronger adhesion to the media substrate. If you’re not sure which filter is right for your system and application, contact us today for a free consultation and quotation.

Air Cleaning Solutions proudly serves customers in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, The Golden Triangle (Beaumont/Orange/Port Arthur), Corpus Christi, & the Rio Grande Valley, with a full range of products and services for your Air Quality System needs.

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